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What makes pediatric radiology different?

There a few things required to make pediatric radiology successful. When dealing with children, it’s important to keep the environment as happy and non-threatening as possible. When children are sick or in a great deal of pain, they don’t know how to react, and are often scared. 
Children’s hospitals, and pediatric radiology specifically, do their best to make sure children are comfortable. Here at Columbus Radiology, rest assured that your children will be treated with care and respect. Our pediatric radiologists are experts in their field, and have years of experience with children.

Radiation and Children

Radiation is key when doing CAT scans, but children have been shown to be more susceptible to radiation, and more sensitive to it as well. In pediatric radiology, the amount of radiation used is reduced to keep patients as healthy as possible. Columbus Radiology takes parental concerns very seriously, and makes sure that parents, as well as children, are comfortable.

Uses of Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric radiology is used to diagnose things like leukemia, cancers, unusual fractures, and other abnormalities that a doctor may not be able to detect without the use of radiation. Pediatric radiology is an important part of a radiology unit, and exists to make sure children who may be in pain or confused get the specialized care that they need.

If you’re looking for pediatric radiology services, please contact our office and schedule an appointment with one of our talented technicians. Having a sick child is nerve-wracking for any parent, but Columbus Radiology is here to help. Contact us today!